Human Station in the Baha’i Faith: Selected Sections: Philosophy and Knowledge of the Divine

This book is a collection of talks by the great Bahá’í teacher and philosopher Dr. ‘A. M. Dávúdí on selected philosophical topics. A member of the Iranian National Spiritual Assembly during the Iranian revolution, Dr. Dávúdí was abducted by unknown assailants while strolling in a park in Tehran in 1979 and was never heard from again. The original Persian edition of this work consists of 19 talks. The current English version contains 13 of the topics of specific interest to the Western readers. This volume also includes the translation of another of his talks that is not part of this work but is critically important in the current political climate — a speech on the subject of the non-political nature of the Bahá’í Faith and the non-involvement of the believers in partisan politics seemed to me to be of special significance. These are verbal presentations which have been transcribed and now translated into English.

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