Empowering Words: Extracts from the Letters of Shoghi Effendi for Inspiration, Guidance and Vision

This compilation features extracts that have been selected from a great variety of letters and messages which Shoghi Effendi wrote to various parts of the globe. The extracts highlight how his words empowered the Bahá’ís to carry out and accomplish what was being asked of them with increased capacity, vision and enthusiasm. They also assist those who have not read Shoghi Effendi’s writings at any great length to become more familiar with his writings and pen. The extracts illustrate how enlightening the words of Shoghi Effendi are in giving us a greater understanding of world events, clarifying the goal of humanity, the significance of the mission entrusted to the Bahá’ís, the destiny of certain Bahá’í communities and an increased awareness of the role each individual plays in bringing about what is destined for this age.

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