Bahá’í-Inspired Perspectives on Human Rights

The latter half of the Twentieth Century and the unfoldment of the two World Wars have shed a new light on the importance of human rights for all mankind. The contributions of Bahá’ís in bringing forth development and prosperity through collective and individual initiatives in promotion of the oneness of mankind, peace, order, and equality of rights, has laid an effective foundation for a holistic and integrative process of advancement the world over. Over the past century, the Bahá’í community has played an active role in the promotion of fundamental spiritual verities that enhance the universalization of just causes. One of the most prominent series of activities that has been subject to the persistent and systemic approach of the Bahá’í community is the promotion of human rights, duties, privileges and obligations. Originally released as an e-book, this ground-breaking publication was the first ever Bahá’í e-book on the subject of Human Rights and is now available in print.

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