A Story of Peace for the Children of God

Join fifteen-year-old Kwame as he sets out from his home on the island nation of Gardenia on a journey to distant lands to mark his transition into adulthood by spreading the joyful news of the Peace Statement, The Promise of World Peace, issued by the Universal House of Justice.

Accompany him as he travels a fascintaing world from Taylasia Island to Alcruza in El Fancidar to the Island of Patriot and finally back to a climactic ending at his home as he makes new friends and learns important lessons about the power of his Faith and the ability for youth, filled with pure hearts, to move the world.

This book for youth and pre-youth offers a powerful story about the journey from childhood into adulthood and, at the same reminds youth and pre-youth that they too can contribute to the promotion of the advancement of society and the cause of peace.

This title is currently out-of-stock.

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