Books for the World License

Selected titles from Juxta Publishing are available under the “Books for the World” license. The terms of this license are as follows:

Titles distributed under this license have been prepared with the consent of the original author or rights holder and have been produced to facilitate widespread distribution and use; such titles are distributed in print and electronic formats and may be reproduced or redistributed in electronic form as follows:

  1. The contents of the electronic file are not altered.
  2. This copyright and redistribution notice remains intact.
  3. No charges are made or monies collected for the redistribution of the work.
  4. The electronic version may be printed without alteration for non-commercial personal use in non-bound formats; copies printed for this purpose may not be distributed commercially.
  5. The electronic version may be printed without alternation for non-commercial academic or educational use in non-bound formats; when reproduced in this way in printed form for academic or educational use, charges may be made to recover actual reproduction and distribution costs, but no additional monies may be collected.

Additionally, such titles may be  republished regionally or locally without royalty by publishers who enter into a relevant micropublishing agreement with Juxta Publishing, Ltd. Publishers should contact Juxta Publishing, Ltd. in writing to enquire about the Juxta Publishing micropublishing agreement. Without entering into a micropublishing agreement, this book cannot be republished by other publishers.

Any other printing, in bound or non-bound formats, or redistribution in printed form is forbidden without the expressed written consent of Juxta Publishing Limited, or the author/rights holder.